Balls: Polypropylene


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Additional Services:  Special sizes upon request.

Polypropylene (PP) has great chemical resistance properties and is generally described as a commodity resin with engineering resin capabilities. PP raw material comes in standard grade. FDA grades are available. The natural color of the raw material is white; colorant can be added to the raw material to meet the customer’s needs.  This material, in its natural state, is lighter than water, meaning PP balls float in water. The ball blanks can be manufactured by injection molding or CNC lathe operation.

Approximate Values (PP)

Chemical Resistance

Specific Gravity (grams/cc)

Hardness (Rockwell)

FDA Grade Available

Maximum Operating Temperature

Inert to most chemicals




180 Degrees Fahrenheit

Typical Applications Include:

  • Check Valve Balls,
  • Floats,
  • Corks, or
  • Hole Plugs


Please note that the material information provided on our website is for informational purposes only. The properties listed per product type are typical and can vary based on suppliers of raw materials and customer specific needs. Please contact customer service for verification prior to ordering. Price and delivery may be subject to change based on specific requirements.

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