Actual Tolerance Micron Tolerance
.000630 16µm
.000590 15µm
.000551 14µm
.000512 13µm
.000472 12µm
.000433 11µm
.000394 10µm
.000354 9µm
.000315 8µm
.000276 7µm
.000236 6µm
.000196 5µm
.000157 4µm
.000118 3µm
.000078 2µm
.000039 1µm
.000000 0µm

Please note that the material information provided on our website is for informational purposes only. The properties listed per product type are typical and can vary based on suppliers of raw materials and customer specific needs. Please contact customer service for verification prior to ordering. Price and delivery may be subject to change based on specific requirements.

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