TN Americas Holdings, Inc. Produces Precision Balls

TN Americas Holdings, Inc. ability to hold close tolerances on a production run of balls is synonymous with dependable performance. It is one of the reasons that TN Americas Holdings, Inc. balls are found in the majority of America's automotive. aircraft, marine, industrial, construction and scientific applications. TN Americas Holdings, Inc.manufactures balls in sizes from 17-thousandths of an inch diameter for use in ball point pens, to 4 1/2 inches in diameter for use in heavy duty military and industrial applications.

Tolerances are held to within 25-millionths of an inch for bearing-quality lapped balls, and to within 3-millionths of absolute roundness for precision balls. Surface finish is less than one RMS. The production of balls is a complex time-consuming and exacting process; a process that historically has been based upon the skill of the operator. Hoover combines this operator skill with ongoing research and development program designed to infuse the manufacturing process with the latest in scientific development and technology.

We invite your inquiry, whether it be for a routine or special need. The specialists at TN Americas Holdings, Inc. are at your service.

Our History

TN Americas Holdings, Inc. (formerly Hoover Precision Products)  was founded by Leander J. Hoover in Ann Arbor, MI. in 1913. Click the dates below to learn more about our history:

2000 - Present


2002    Established THT (Tsubaki Hoover Taicang) to produce precision Chrome balls.
2003    Acquired Polish ball and roller manufacturer, ZET to form THP (Tsubaki Hoover Poland).
2006    Acquired Chongqing Steel Ball Company located in Chongqing, China.
2006    Washington, Indiana Distribution Center was moved to Cumming, Georgia.
2007    Connecticut and Tennessee facilities were consolidated and transferred to the Georgia facility.
2010    Established THI (Tsubaki Hoover India) to produce precision Chrome balls.
2013    Acquired Spheric Trafalgar STE and STT (England and Thailand).
2013    Hoover Celebrates 100 Years of Business
2015    Announcement of Listing on Tokyo Stock Exchange

1980 - 1999

1980    Built the Cumming, Georgia plant to supply high volume Chrome Balls.
1983    Acquired Ultraspheric in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. (Plastic and specialty ball products).
1984    Acquired Superior Ball in Washington, Indiana and Hartford, Connecticut. (Low Carbon and Semi-Precision Balls).
1985    Johnson Controls merged with Hoover Universal and Hoover Group was formed along with four previous Hoover Universal division.
1990    亚博最新客户端 Company, LTD. located in Nara, Japan, acquired the assets of Hoover Groups’ ball products division, and a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary was formed - HOOVER PRECISION PRODUCTS, INC.
1995    Acquired Baleros Mexicanos S.A. de C.V. which is the largest Carbon ball manufacturer in Mexico. Now known as THM (Tsubaki Hoover Mexico)
1999    Hungarian subsidiary, THH (Tsubaki Hoover Hungary) formed to acquire the ball manufacturing assets of the former MGM in Debrecen, Hungary.

1913 - 1979



1913    Hoover Steel Ball Company was founded by Leander J. Hoover in Ann Arbor, MI.
1924    Imperial Bearings Company was acquired.
1936    Name was changed to Hoover Ball and Bearing Company.
1955    Merged with Universal Die Casting and Manufacturing Corporation.
1958    Acquired Strom Steel Ball Company and the Coolidge Corporation.
1959    Ball Operations moved to Erwin, Tennessee.
1972    Created Joint Venture in North America with NSK.
1975    Entire Interest in Joint Venture was sold to NSK.
1979    Acquired Juliar Precision Ball in East Granby, Connecticut. (Pen and miniature precision balls).

Please note that the material information provided on our website is for informational purposes only. The properties listed per product type are typical and can vary based on suppliers of raw materials and customer specific needs. Please contact customer service for verification prior to ordering. Price and delivery may be subject to change based on specific requirements.

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