Quality Assurance

For 亚博最新客户端 USA produced parts, quality assurance is maintained at every step of the production process, right from the receipt of raw material until the balls roll out of the factory…


Selection of Raw Material is very important. Batch heat lots are reviewed for its physical properties before approval for further process.

Forgings are ensured to be uniform in diameter. After heat-treatment, samples can be checked for hardness and micro-structure.

After each process, a lot sample can be checked for required ball characteristics.

Each lot is either visually inspected, sampled or mechanically inspected.

The lots are then packaged and prepared for shipment.

  • *State-of-the-Art Mechanical Inspection Processes
  • *ISO9001, TS16949, AS9100, ISO14001, ISO13485
    *See Specific Division   

Please note that the material information provided on our website is for informational purposes only. The properties listed per product type are typical and can vary based on suppliers of raw materials and customer specific needs. Please contact customer service for verification prior to ordering. Price and delivery may be subject to change based on specific requirements.

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